Jay S Villa

1 Bedroom - Price : Low USD 147 | High USD 171 | Peak USD 171

1 Bedroom - Price : Low USD 165 | High USD 194 | Peak USD 194

3 Bedroom - Price : Low USD 294 | High USD 353 | Peak USD 353

Jay's villa, one of Bali's exquisite villa's in the multifaceted archipelago of Indonesia located at Umaalas rice field island of the gods, in Badung regency, Bali.

Welcome to Bali, the island of million of temples. With approximately 5000 square kilometers, Bali is relatively small. Tropical rainforest fringe the mountains, giving way to carefully cultivated rice fields and on a line of volcanoes with alluvial slopes spilling down to coastal plans. It is a favorite international holiday destination to discover the exquisite of nature, culture and beauty. Whatever the reason for your vacation in Bali, life-style holidays, golf and spa break, romantic escape or just pure relaxation, then choosing to stay at one of our Bali's exquisite villas will ensure the most beautiful moments of a life time memories.

One Bedroom Villa's Standard One Bedroom Villa's Standard
Deluxe One - Bedroom Villas are designated for honeymooner and traveler, and for those who seeking privacy for their traveler to Bali. Divided into two floor and bed room on the second floor. 150 square meter with pool deck terrace balcony, separate bath + shower room, 20 square meter private swimming..

One Bedroom Villa's Deluxe One Bedroom Villa's Deluxe
Three-Bedroom Villas are designated for family style, 400 square meter all with balcony, separate bath + shower room, 30 square meter private swimming pool, 36 square meter living room and 20 square meter private kitchen and bar...

Three Bedroom Villa's Three Bedroom Villa's
Three-Bedroom Villas are designated for family style, 400 square meter all with balcony, separate bath + shower room, 30 square meter private swimming pool, 36 square meter living room and 20 square meter private kitchen and bar...

Serving authentic combination Asian and Mediterranean cuisine . Spacious and fresh in the morning light, rouses the appetite at the start of the day with a sumptuous a la carte breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily 0.7 am - 10 pm

Restaurant facilities:
- 6 table for maximum 20 person
- Lounge
- Bar
- Swimming pool
- Pool bar
- Relaxing CD music

Jays Bistro Retaurant THE DIFFERENCE
What makes Jays Bistro Restaurant different with others?. It could be the ambience: at the suburb of rice terrace and superb tropical climate which addressed all the nature life. There is no better spot in Bali at which to drink and enjoy the sunset.

It could be the food: The Chef Mr. I Ketut Sujana, add his special twist to everything, which is made all the more delicious served with a glass of wine from the venue's extensive list. And there is the music: chill-out soundtrack spinning to get the crowd going after the sun goes down.

Opening in March 2008, Jays Bistro Restaurant dedicated to be in front line of Bali best villa restaurant and dinning venue. Today, the passion for food, fun and services continues to make it an institution and one of the most iconic lifestyle destinations in the region. Sporting an elegant, modern-minimalist interior is large enough to accommodate more than 20 people. With pristine view from the each area and a superb selection of gourmet summer brunch plates and servings of classic Jays Bistro cocktails to choose from, it is the ideal place to gather and celebrate with family, friends or your special love one. With brilliant seating, stylish day lounges, pool bar and elegant swimming pool it's the perfect way to end your week... or begin it...

Jays Bistro's menu is a must try, featuring a mixture of international and Asian dishes, but always with an Asian hint and presentation. The menu is the creative anthology from Chef I Ketut Sujana Hailing from the island's regency of Tabanan, Chef Ketut Sujana fuses island own and international exotic flavors and ingredients with over a decade of culinary mastery under his belt, gained from his experience in various experience in various positions in over a dozen notable restaurants across the island. Prior to his position as Chef for Jays Villas, his professional journey took him to heading the culinary team at some of the island's most distinguished establishment such as Living Room Fine Dining Restaurant. The fusion and creative play of flavors and ingredients is evident in the local food names that are matched a world class presentation. Jays Bistro Restaurant menu's is totally different, as with all quality restaurant specializing in Asian Cuisine, the key ingredient is fresh produce. So always selects the freshet available produce and then matches them perfectly with herbs, spices and sauces.

Jay's Bistro services staff under coordination Food & Beverage Supervisor, I Putu Arsasana, talented service oriented with some five star and overseas experience. Hailing from the island's regency of Tabanan, graduated from Dhyana Pura. He has overseas experience for several position at the restaurant & bar. With structured and objective training plan he have arranged for among the staff, the quality of service provided by Jays Bistro Restaurant under his coordination is nothing less then others five star hotel around the island.


Cooking Class
(Special arrangement for those who want to learn and practice to cook the food for their lunch or dinner at their own villa. The program start from discussion with Jays Villas Chef and Food & Beverage Supervisor for the menu, followed by shopping to Traditional Market and practice cooking at your own villa under supervision Jays Villas Chef).

Special Jays Villa Barbeque
With talented Jays Villas Chef, the guest can arrange special Barbeque Dinner for their love one, their family or their business partner.

Serving light snack, juices and local salad and more local dishes at lunch. Daily 11 am - 18 pm.

25 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, 10 minutes drive from famous Seminyak Oberoi. It offers world class luxury villa accommodation resplendent with style and refined of thoughtful touches in personalized service. Our opulent private villa's offer superior levels of comfort, specially for those looking to be away from the main tourist attraction areas.

Last Update : 28 September 2010